Hello, and welcome to my Blog. My name is Aaron Friedman; I am an Information Technology Leader… The final liaison between people and technology. I have the ability to fully grasp and translate the business process; effectively communicating in understandable terms with all parties involved. Please visit my “Online Web Portfolio” for a full understanding of my technical/business background, expertise, achievements and proficiencies.

Merging Technology with Business Management to Produce Results

Creative and innovative technology pioneer with “get it done” attitude who enjoys digging deep to merge systems technology with sound business practices in reaching corporate goals; Implements pragmatic financial planning in presenting project options to decision-makers; Astute in planning and delivering the most effective solution completing projects on time and within pre-established budget parameters;  Builds a respectful, positive relationship with staff instilling a top performance environment while remaining sensitive to team needs.


Process Improvement

  • Business Problem: Medical billing company’s legacy infrastructure created a productivity bottleneck. Delayed billing turnaround time decreased revenue.
  • Action: Developed sophisticated real-time, web based system for largest medical billing company in New Jersey.
  • Result: Increased overall productivity and profitability to ensure competitive edge in medical billing industry.

Technological Strategies

  • Business Problem: The financial services industry lacked real-time Loan Origination Systems for A+ borrowers. Systems did not yet exist in the marketplace, and demand was high in the lending community.
  • Action: Pioneered Intravo, the world’s first real-time, web-based Loan Origination System.
  • Result: Raised $1 Million in private seed money and prepared for Multi-Billion-Dollar IPO.

  • Business Problem: Bankers faced timely, manual origination and underwriting; decreased production, costly customer service, hurting revenue and new referral-based business.
  • Action: Improved Loan Origination efficiency by 60% implementing Intravo model.
  • Result: Centralized client/server solution in corporate data center; automating origination, underwriting, and selling off closed loans to investors.

Team Leadership

  • Business Problem: Interactive division of well established Advertising firm suffered a disconnect in continuity between Web Design, Application Development and eBusiness post Top-Link Technologies Acquisition.
  • Action: Increased morale of entire Interactive division through offering a warm open door policy, through active listening and making team part of the decision-making process.
  • Result: Team engaged proactively to achieve goals of eBusiness Technologies and new Business Development, delivering fully integrated suite product and services ultimately placing The Star Group as a new super power in its sector.

Cost Reduction

  • Business Problem: Customer service system lacked complete integration with Loan Origination Systems and Call Centers for both the B2C and B2B side.
  • Action: Co-developed and integrated a proprietary ATM-based call center technology (CellIT).
  • Result: Eliminated overhead and staffing costs, while improving customer service by integrating (CellIT) into the Intravo BackOffice.


DALE CARNEGIE – Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Leadership Training for Managers
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
Computer Science
NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY – West Palm Beach, Florida
Computer Science & Business Management


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