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  1. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the information. I totally agree that social networking the right way, is the way to go, but I need some help. Are you the “go to” person that can help with a company’s social networking strategy?

    I own a new healthcare IT consulting company and at the same time, I have a network called, EHR Management Consultants. I created it primarily to create synergies with other minorities as well as other professionals in the field to share information with them, educate them on as much information as I can, create dialogue about different topics, etc. and I also want to use it as a way to leverage business with potential clients.

    My website is currently under construction, but I am dragging my feet because I want social networking to be a part of it, but I haven’t figured out quite how yet, and how I can get potential clients involved.

    Can you help? How much do you charge for this type of a consultation?

    Monique D. Wonders
    EHR Solutions Management LLC

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